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Photo gallery: nature.
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Bear; Photo gallery: nature.
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Francisco Pizarro, People
Francisco Pizarro
Explorer, Spanish, Peru, 1541, Man, Beard

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Ernest Hemingway, People
Ernest Hemingway
Writer, American, Bearch, Man

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Charles Darwin, People
Charles Darwin
Botanist, Biology, Shrewsbury, Beard, Man, British

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Carl Larsson, People
Carl Larsson
Man, Beard, Hat

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Buffalo Bill, People
Buffalo Bill
Hair, Man, American, War, Moustache, Beard, Hat

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Arab, People
Man, Head, Dress, Beard, Moustache

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Albert Engstrom, People
Albert Engstrom
Hat, Shout, Moustache, Beard, Man, 1874, Scientist, Physics

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Adolf Gustav II, People
Adolf Gustav II
King, Sweden, 1594, 1632, Beard

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Fantasy Painting and Graphics Gallery

Constantine Kansky was born in 1968. He graduated from Krasnodar Art College. Since 1992 he takes part in the art exhibitions in Krasnodar, Moscow, and Saint-Petersburg. Kansky's works are in the private collections in Russia and abroad - Germany, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Canada, the USA. To enter .... ›››››
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Crisis eating in France, the land of haute cuisine

Crisis eating in France, the land of haute cuisine

Bargain-hunters in a grocery store northeast of Paris squint as they scan figures stamped on shrink-wrapped chunks of Gruyere and bags of green olives. They're not zeroing in on the price, certain to be low in a place that specializes in surplus goods offloaded from big-name supermarket chains. They.... ›››››
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