Lucian Tidorescu. Biography

Lucian Tidorescu. Biography
Lucian Tidorescu. BiographyHe's a passionate artist, totally dedicated to his inspirations: stained glass and good music.
Searching for spiritual growth in his work and himself.
He always dreamed of becoming a renowened painter, to follow the academy of arts, thus he decided to study arts. Unfortunately, things never turned up the way he dreamed.
He never managed to study arts, as it was rather expensive for the income of an average family.
Thus Lucian ended up with regular job. But through the years his longing to become a professional artist became stronger and stronger, untill the day he realized he had to make a choice: safe and secure in a steady job where he was not happy, or with joy walking the path of the uncertain artistry.
Lucian chose art and that turned out to be the right choice. His style can be gathered up in three words: realistic, restful and recognizable.
Drawing and painting were always Lucian's most favorite leisure interests.

"As long as I remember I'we always been atracted by stained glass, and good music always inspired me. The world biggest composers fascinate me, I read their biographyes, I try to penetrate their creation, I listen to their music while I work, just to strengthen the connection. They tell the stories of forgotten memories. All my paintings carry a symbolic element, as a reflection of my spiritual growth and who I am.
Nowadays no one asks you for your diploma. When you're doing painting, the last thing you need is a diploma. Really!
That's the easyest thing to get now...a diploma...
I have no diploma in painting ... haven't studied arts with great teachers, nor wasted my life chasing dreams, thinking: "What am I going to do when I graduate? Teach?...Paint?...Maybe choose another trade...".
I took my risks. I decided to be my own teacher. The real talent is inherited, you must grow and cherish it.
As I started to paint portrets, I started by learning anatomy, so I could understand how the bone structure is, how face muscles change the mimic of one's visage so I could put on canvas my vision as good as possible.
Essential to the portraits I creat is the unconcerned moment. That instant when the subject is less or not aware at all of the eye of the beholder, and in spite of the artificiality of posing, just being him/herself. A certain gesture, glance or posture, to me, are crucial elements in how to characterize a person in his portraits.
I spend a big amount of time in searching to capture that moment, because, in the end, the portrait will be just as I conceived it in my vision. I will paint them as I see them.
Being self-taught, I have found my own way in artistic expression through experimentation with different forms of artistic expression.
Transforming "life into art" is the constant preoccupation and existential need of the artist.
I, perhaps, owe having become a painter to good music.
In this site, you can see samples of my work. I hope you enjoy my work and that my paintings will bring joy into your heart and eyes and that is just because I enjoyed very much creating it. I'm interested in what you think of it and would appreciate your comments.
Anyway: thank you for taking the time to visit my web site and I hope you enjoy what you see.
Your thoughts and comments are welcome in my guestbook.
Thank you! "till next time!"

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Fantasy Painting and Graphics Gallery

Constantine Kansky was born in 1968. He graduated from Krasnodar Art College. Since 1992 he takes part in the art exhibitions in Krasnodar, Moscow, and Saint-Petersburg. Kansky's works are in the private collections in Russia and abroad - Germany, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Canada, the USA. To enter .... ›››››
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