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For the publication of your gallery on us the following information:

1. The name of the author of gallery with the brief information in the free form and a photo in the size no more 150х150 pixels which you will count pertinent in this case (usually it happens a photo of the author).

2. The name of gallery and the brief description of works with a photo - symbol, the size no more 150х150 pixels.

3. Photos of works of your gallery with the name, the brief description and the indication of the purpose of accommodation of works on a site (sale (it is possible to specify the price), search of orders, demonstration of work or something another).

Any additional information on a subject of gallery also is welcomed: the biography of the author, participation in exhibitions, any articles and the materials concerning the author of gallery or any from works separately. The additional information will accompany with show of your gallery and to have the link to the source of the information specified by you.

The visitor of a site, wishing to enter with you in correspondence, will fill in the form of the letter which will be sent directly on your mail box specified at registration. The administration does not accept participation in negotiations between you and the visitor of a site without your additional request.
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