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Visible life surrounding you is grandiose and complex. The most humble part of it, which a painter wants to communicate, does not appear to a human eye in all its richness

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Varvara Bubnova

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Knowing and foreseeing the powers of each color, imagining in advance their relations, because painting is similar to the visible world which is the play of colors and the fight between light and darkness
Color graphics, Varvara Bubnova
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Varvara Bubnova (1886-1983)

Varvara Bubnova (1886-1983) was born and died in St. Petersburg. She came from a noble Russian family which was related to the famous poet Alexander Pushkin. In Bubnovas old family estate, Bernovo, in the region of Tver there is now a Pushkin museum. In 1903-1905 Bubnova studied in the studio of..... ›››››
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Crisis eating in France, the land of haute cuisine

Crisis eating in France, the land of haute cuisine

Bargain-hunters in a grocery store northeast of Paris squint as they scan figures stamped on shrink-wrapped chunks of Gruyere and bags of green olives. They're not zeroing in on the price, certain to be low in a place that specializes in surplus goods offloaded from big-name supermarket chains. They.... ›››››
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