Decorations of Lady’s World

Decorations of Lady’s World
Decorations of Lady’s WorldPamela Walt-Shauve shares out her feelings with unimaginable grace. She transforms them into bright strokes by means of tender brush… You just have to look at pictures, without fear to fright off other’s sentiments and not worrying about your owns.

Incarnation of pure feminine art, almost whim- I will paint what I think, perceive, what presentiment I have. Expressing in every picture not an idea, mind, analysis of something but intuition, transforming dense oil into bright feather of the Bird-Presentiment.

Where is the past, future, present of infinitely expanding and partitioning heart?

Whose is this black outline on anxious red? Nobody will have ever said …Not even author… Female feelings are yielding a little to analyse. Aliens rarely are admitted to the secrets of personal analytical process. And if somebody is admitted, that’s no more than the play openness.

Oil and canvas is another matter. It is possible to veil anything, offering the main as simple ornament. Observer will pass by without seeing camouflage and looking with interest at something green-beige.

You cannot understand personal realisation of Pamela Walt-Shauve without imagination. On the first view her decorative works (and they are very decorative) are nothing more than “visual row” which is very pleasant to look at. But who, apart from “decor expert”, would agree on this scant feature of art. And why anybody, just for the sake of embellishment, would take at all brush, mix pensively colours and dab the very first, most dangerous stroke of any colour on the clean canvas?

In expressing yourself is always the meaning… Though “meaning, ratio”, those are male words somehow. Woman does not need to motivate her desires with reason and if she does, it might be, that she is not frank enough. Pamela is frank; she simply mirrors and shows something, which she alone does understand, otherwise why those strange faces with slanting eyes. Where are they from? From reality? Of course not…. They are from inside. They break out from soul and stay personified, that their owner could get free of indistinctness…

The observer is left confused by strange conjunction of the hint of gloom with careless joy, though with the feeling of absolute frankness of author. First of all with the feeling that she is frank with herself… And he is only permitted to see what the woman’s view of life is.

Critical metamorphosis in its pure form… Process of transformation of emotion- presentiment into the real canvas… And nothing is explicit, nothing suggestive, but what is there most important – audacity and longing incarnated in life. Purely female logic-“I want, and I will do, as I wish, and as I feel”.

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Fantasy Painting and Graphics Gallery

Constantine Kansky was born in 1968. He graduated from Krasnodar Art College. Since 1992 he takes part in the art exhibitions in Krasnodar, Moscow, and Saint-Petersburg. Kansky's works are in the private collections in Russia and abroad - Germany, Is.....  ›››››
Pamela Walt Chauve

Pamela Walt Chauve, a Franco-American, was born in Berkeley California in 1955. An art student in both practical and performing arts, Pamela first studied drawing and painting at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1974. She is a graduate of Sarah Law.....  ›››››
Varvara Bubnova (1886-1983)

Varvara Bubnova (1886-1983) was born and died in St. Petersburg. She came from a noble Russian family which was related to the famous poet Alexander Pushkin. In Bubnova’s old family estate, Bernovo, in the region of Tver there is now a Pushkin museum.....  ›››››
High art of today

Vintage, antiques, retromixture of the Victorian style and the style of the moderne epoch - today we with pleasure recollect all that was "perfectly well" forgotten by us many years ago. After several decades of total domination of "techno" and emasc.....  ›››››
Sviatoslav Nikitenko's cameos

Sviatoslav Nikitenko is a famous glyptic artist. Hi makes his cameos with different materials like cornelian, axstone, topaz, morion etc. Clear polishing technique of his gives the stone a special soft shine. Harmonic combination of plastic art and d.....  ›››››
Filmography, major works and exhibitions

1965-1966, film ”Belie, belie aisti“-art director (director A. Agishev) Diploma. Drafts were published in IK. 1966 1966-1967, film “Khristos prizemlilsya v Grodno”-art director (director V. Bichkov). Film was banned. While working on drafts for th.....  ›››››
Shavkat A.’s (Takvash) Space

Shavkat A. (Takvash) – an artist, writer, film director; Was born on 28 April. 1939 (1936 by passport) in Tashkent. In 1966 he ended the VGIK. Works by Shavkat are in the Tretyakovsky Gallery, in private collections of Russia, Europe, US (Nancy and N.....  ›››››
Red boots

A tree, always alive… It keeps memory… Little wooden house, which absorbed history, is now returning its zest. You just have to come through small door into narrow passage, look around and get imbued with warmth of the past life and warmth of the pre.....  ›››››
I am not the first. You are not the last. The path is well trodden. We make footsteps in each other’s traces

"Shavkat A. Not seducing anybody by national exotics. He is an artist, standing in the middle of the road between Christian Europe, bleached to bone Asia and Orient, barely discernable in the mist. His painting – lapis lazuli in clay mounting, cra.....  ›››››
Lucian Tidorescu. Biography

He's a passionate artist, totally dedicated to his inspirations: stained glass and good music. Searching for spiritual growth in his work and himself. He always dreamed of becoming a renowened painter, to follow the academy of arts, thus he decid.....  ›››››
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Crisis eating in France, the land of haute cuisine

Crisis eating in France, the land of haute cuisine

Bargain-hunters in a grocery store northeast of Paris squint as they scan figures stamped on shrink-wrapped chunks of Gruyere and bags of green olives. They're not zeroing in on the price, certain to be low in a place that specializes in surplus goods offloaded from big-name supermarket chains. They.... ›››››
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Fantasy Painting and Graphics Gallery

Constantine Kansky was born in 1968. He graduated from Krasnodar Art College. Since 1992 he takes part in the art exhibitions in Krasnodar, Moscow, and Saint-Petersburg. Kansky's works are in the private collections in Russia and abroad - Germany, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Canada, the USA. To enter .... ›››››
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