Has studied too much

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Has studied too much

caricatura, collection
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Has studied too much; caricatura, collection
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05.10.2010: Rob Miller

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Camera, Technology
Hasselblad, Camera, Photography, Leisure

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Man jumping a hurdle in the steeplechase, Sport
Man jumping a hurdle in the steeplechase
Steeplechase, Running, Race

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Part of the Bayeux tapestry, Graphics
Part of the Bayeux tapestry
Bayeaux, History, 1066, Hastings, Tapestry, Bayeux

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System MAKS, Space
System MAKS
Reusable Aerospace system () has been developed NPO Molniya (the general designer by G. E. Lozino-Lozinsky) with corporation of coauthors

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Abkhasian autumn, Etchings
Abkhasian autumn
etching, 10x12 sm, 1986 year, collection

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His pictures are full of music

The woks of Adgur Dzidzariya got recognition in the West. He is not a painter, he is a musician, his pieces of art might "be heard", so masterly he deals with color. "Only two halls for the huge country." In the exhibition hall of the Studio of Design known as house of Martynov (the very one o..... ›››››
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Crisis eating in France, the land of haute cuisine

Crisis eating in France, the land of haute cuisine

Bargain-hunters in a grocery store northeast of Paris squint as they scan figures stamped on shrink-wrapped chunks of Gruyere and bags of green olives. They're not zeroing in on the price, certain to be low in a place that specializes in surplus goods offloaded from big-name supermarket chains. They.... ›››››
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